Old Tech, New Problems

Among security experts, there is one commonly held mantra: “Patch your systems in a timely manner.” Unfortunately, this security tip isn’t always possible, especially when a product’s maker no longer supports products that have been on the market for some time. This is a problem that many enterprises run into, and it poses some substantial security

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AI and the Food Supply

The ever-increasing problem of population expansion and limited food supply and resources has ballooned into the defining issue of our generation. As the population rate heads steadily towards the 2050 estimates of $10 billion, people are racing to figure out what to do about our limited supplies. Perhaps technology, which got us into this mess,

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3d illustration of a large brass key lying in front of an upright Twitter logo on a blue reflective surface

The Porous Security of Twitter

For the location data alone even the most lowly tech snooper can quickly figure out your home and workplace via your Twitter account. Researchers at MIT and Oxford have displayed that the location stamps on just a few of posts, as few as 8 over the course of a single day can be enough to

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Firm Patents New Spearphishing Detection Technology

Unfortunately for internet users, hackers have developed increasingly sophisticated methods and malware for the purposes of stealing sensitive (and potentially profitable) information. This occurs in all industries, but it has become especially common for hackers to focus on stealing employee tax information from companies with the intention of filing false tax returns and/or stealing a

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Electroluminescent Wiring in Computing

Electroluminescent wire is more commonly referred to as EL wire. which has been here as early as 1936. the Master mind behind EL wire was a frenchman by the name of Georges Destriau. Its function is to creat a neon like, soft glow, which isn’t anything new. But today be poles creativity coupled with the

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Are You Ready for Driverless Delivery?

You’ve likely heard of Google’s driverless cars; maybe you’ve even seen one on the road. The technology is still in the works in terms of autonomous cars for personal use (unless you count Tesla’s autopilot update, which, to be fair, does sort of count), but 2016 is on track to produce the world’s first autonomous

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lorm glove

Introduction And Need Of Information Technology For Society

Information technology is the processes to create, process, store, secure, and able to exchange data in various forms. This is used in the field to expertise the operations needed for personal and entertainment purposes. The commercial usage of this field contains both computer and telephony. This field contains several layers and it contains physical equipment,

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