Electroluminescent Wiring in Computing

Electroluminescent wire is more commonly referred to as EL wire. which has been here as early as 1936. the Master mind behind EL wire was a frenchman by the name of Georges Destriau. Its function is to creat a neon like, soft glow, which isn’t anything new. But today be poles creativity coupled with the falling costs are making them capitalize on its unique and interesting qualities, though they do use a lot of power. Elecmaxresdefaulttroluminescent material can be relieved as a sheet and in wire form, which both varieties can vecome more suitable to the consumer since its invention. The first EL products were made of thick and rigid and very easily broken material, which doesn’t really cut it when considering what the application for such things would need to be. It was not uncommon to have to relieved to you in a glass or ceramic casing which drives the point home. neither class nor ceramic is maliable even though the filament that is luminescent is, which begs the question how did this get to production? Today the obvious shift has taken place wherein it is enclosed by a flexible plastic. this also helps with making them water resistant.

Today EL wire is very widely used by artists hackers and Burners. Which we can imagine when we think of a glowing suit, or bicycle spokes or musical instruments. if this is the case, its most likely the case that EL wire is behind the glow you know people at burning man will commonly use to to make towering strutures that are adorned with colrful strands that you are able to scale by soldering them together like any electrical connection. this is an extremely efficient way to product a high level of luminosity for a very low amount of energy output.

The good part of EL wire is its simplicity and it consists of only a few components: the copper core at the heart of the wire, the phosphor lubricant, 2 copper wires 2 pvc sleeves, and the AC power source. And that its the most simply means I am aweffffl_2are of. the Production of these EL wires beings by taking a solid copper core which is in effect the conductor and allows the material to have electricity flow through the electronic. next the entire core is coated with a fine layer of phosphor lubricant. Phosphor, is commonly known for its widespeard use in glow in the dark products, and extremely simple devices. This actually ends up being the heart and dare i say key to the EL wire getting its distinct and beautiful character.

What is important to remember with EL wire and all electronics for that matter, is that if exposed to moisture or wetness that’s it, its ruined and you broke it, probably in an salvageable way. this is where the PVC comes in to save the day. These sleeves protect the copper elements and make them water resistant. I hesitate to use the term water proof becuase its a misnomer, nothing is waterproof at least how we think of the term.

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