Tech’s Person of the Year, Sets Sights on the Future in His Own Way


Elon Musk is arguably the greatest hope humanity has for developing the products and heading up projects that bring the world into a more clean and green future. That said there is only so much time that he has to complete these projects given the infinitude of his life span. Due to this issue of finality we are left to ask what are the most advantageous ventures to place our energies, and to what extent can we expect them to be implemented in time for them to have the most potent their effects will be. To understand which innovations are most worthy of the focus of Musk and the focus of his dollars we should take a. Sometimes I wonder if Musk is a product of situation and circumstance, or if he is the engine which drives the innovation that surrounds him. Either way there is no doubt that wherever he goes there seems to be a stream of innovation and things actually seem to get done so whatever it is, it seems like a pretty good display of ingenuity and grit to pull off some of the big things he has in the works.

To look first at the one which is far from completion but picking up the most momentum is the development of the hyperloop technology to span a huge network acro. This is perhaps one of the greener alternatives in travel we have in the works when compared to other futurist alternatives for future travel, most notably the bullet train, and at a fraction of the price it seems a clear number one in this regard.


When Elon Musk set out to make Tesla Motors his goal has always been the singular push to bring about the advent of the electric car more quickly. With recent developments by Chevy and other automakers they are on the tail of Tesla, Musk has long said that this is a welcomed competition, but now that the heat is on he may be feeling another tune. I think that Musk does want this to be the case, and that more carbon neutral cars are on the road, but knowing him it would follow that he wants to remain the best. Tesla Motors seems to be off and running, so it may be useful for him to divert his most immediate efforts to alternative ventures. Musk has also made huge investments in regards to A.I.


The moon shot for Musk is actually a Mars shot and is by far his most ambitious project to date, and also the most ambitious project ever undertaken by a person. What Musk wants to do to save the human race is the ultimate plan B in that he wants to colonize the planet Mars and eventually transform it to be suitable for humans to live without any aid from the planet. This will be an ambitious feat and will be done in two phases. Faze one will be to establish a suitable self sustaining colony, the next will be to transformer the very atmosphere of the planet and make breathable air. Whether or not this is even possible remains to be seen, but if anyone could do it, you could bet your bottom dollar it’s gonna be Elon Musk.

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